Electropolishing Process

Electro polishing is a reversal electrolysis process. Material from the surface of work piece is removed uniformly leaving a bright and smooth surface finish. Surface of the components is enhanced by treating with acid and applying appropriate electrical current.


  • Electropolished surfaces are chemically passive, free from burrs and microscopic cracks.
  • This process gives improved corrosion resistance and durability.
  • This process giving smooth effect reduces friction and wear of two different forms of material.
  • It also improves conductivity.
  • Electro polished components are easy to clean and it helps reducing bacterial growth.
  • It is also used for exposing built in material or manufacturing faults.
  • Compatibility for welding, soldering and to achieve high vacuum is assured.
  • Progeny resistance.
  • Techniques

    Mechanical Polishing

    We offers the highest quality precision mechanical polishing available in our industry. We understand the many industrial applications for precision polished parts and their various methods of description. Our technicians can meet your specifications, be it grit finish, Ra or RMS readings. All of our finishes can be measured and certified to ensure the highest quality.

      Area of Expertise

    • SS Tanks, Vessels

    Stainless Steel (SS) Polishing

    Despite desirable mechanical properties and proven corrosion resistance, stainless steels can fail from corrosion. But with more than 4 years of experience and the most current mechanical polishing equipment and techniques.

      Area of Expertise

    • SS Pipes
    • SS Fittings & Joints
    • Large Vessels, Tanks & Contianers

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